Heavy Cat Studios

Est. 1995

"Absolutely gorgeous"
-- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Fantasy Art

Surprising and gratifying...levels are attractive...will surprise you in all the right ways"
-- Gamespot

"The graphics overhaul makes [the game] more conventionally gorgeous."
-- Quarter to Three

"[Heavy Cat Studios] does a great job creating a polished but still retro look & feel for the game"
-- Nas1m on Metacritic

I think Heavy Cat Studios knocked it out of the park with the work they did"
-- Zombie Drake on Steam

"Awsome Pawsome"
-- Kaira

"I love LadyStar! I love reading the things in here! They are so fun!"
-- Cherry Blossoms

"Not only is the art exceptional, but the storyline has captivated my attention as well."
-- RG

"On top of delivering quality artwork, [Heavy Cat Studios] provided sound insight into the world of game development, which is something you can't get from just any random artist/studio. My producer matched my project's art requirements with the right artists, delivered iterations to make sure they were to my liking, crossed the t's dotted the i's, and then delivered the final product."
-- Joey, Graveyard Gameworks

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